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[ photo by Therese Öhrvall ]

I have been working on our sunglasses cases for a long time now. I wanted to really figure out the best way of doing them and I am proud of the shape we finally settled with. It’s not everytime you are using your sunglasses case but this one you can make use of in so many different ways. You could use it as a little wallet or a makeup case. Versatility is something I appreciate in products and I am happy that we have achieved it with this case..

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Dear Anine & Team,
Please – could you make it possible to buy the sunglas case ‘seperately’ ?? I received your sunglasses in the big white case earlier, and it is of course great to protect your glasses safely – but with this one, they fit easier in the handbag and is not so heavy 🙂 So I’m missing two more of these for the sunglasses I bought earlier 🙂 I just received the Casablanca model -and love it :-))

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