Details from my home – Skultuna “Tulip” candle sticks, a book by one of my favorite photographers Terry O’Neill, fresh flowers and a scented candle on top of the handmade ceramic tray I made together with my mother in law last christmas..

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Hi Annie! I love when you share items (and their links!) that you’ve used for your own personal home decor. Can you share who makes your coffee table? It’s unique and good ones can be hard to come by! Thank you.

Hi.. the table is from the local flea market here in LA. I will for sure try to be better at linking to my personal things in my home 🙂 xxx

Yes love the coffee table too. And i’ve been asking you regarding the cute little buddhas you have around the house and stores. i’d love to get some for my house too. thanks Anine. your handmade tray is so beautiful.

Hi, the buddhas are from Bali.. I use to spend lots of time there and brought back some previous memories from one of my favorite places in the world.. I sometimes find beautiful buddhas here in LA at the flea market. When I do I send them to my stores to create the same energy as I have in my home. I bet if you google buddha for sale you can find some online? Xxx Anine

Thank you for your reply. Yeah i tried to google before but haven’t seen any cute ones like the ones you have. Especially the black one you have on your bookshelf at home. 🙂 Guess we will have to go to Bali for them. And i can’t wait for your Bali wedding pictures by the way. 😀

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