Every fashion week, the ANINE BING team travels from L.A. to Copenhagen, New York, and Paris to represent our latest collection.  On the most recent trip, we tapped our Global Account Manager, Jackie  Maltzman, and asked her to share a 72-hour travel diary from Copenhagen. Be sure to bookmark this for your next trip, and stay tuned for her diaries from New York and Paris, coming soon.

Day 1

I arrived at my hotel during happy hour, where I was welcomed with a nice glass of  locally made wine. Feeling exhausted from the long flight, I fell asleep and woke up early the next morning to tackle my first day in Copenhagen. I stayed at SP34, a trendy, hipster-ish hotel with homemade, organic food. There are a few throughout the city.


I ate breakfast at the hotel, which included traditional Danish rye bread, yogurt, a berry compote, and eggs. Everything was super fresh!


Then I met up with our Danish wholesale rep in her show room for  appointments  with our Scandinavian accounts, meaning our Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian wholesale clients.


Around lunch time, I joined one of our other reps for tea at the very elegant Hotel d’Angleterre, which is a fashionable thing to do when you’re in the city. Next I went to the Acne archive store, because it’s the only one in the world.When in Copenhagen, right?


From there, I had appointments the rest of the day and did a working dinner. At last, it was time to snooze.


Day 2

The following day, I did a repeat breakfast at the hotel (it was too good to pass up) and stayed busy with appointments in the morning.


At lunch, I stopped into a cool spot called Cafe Victor and afterwards walked around the different shopping districts in Copenhagen, scoping out potential store locations for ANINE BING.


Around 3pm, our Danish rep gave me a private tour of the city.—the best way to experience a new place is on foot with a local. She took me to go see the castle, Christian Berg Palace, and the mermaid—The Little Mermaid originated in Copenhagen. She also showed me around some of the up & coming neighborhoods.


For dinner, I met with our French rep who also happened to be in Copenhagen, then out for a few drinks.  


Tired from another long day, I crashed around 11:00pm!


Day 3

I walked down the street to a local bakery for a quick breakfast on the go. Taking full advantage of the delicious breads and pastries before leaving this charming city! Off to the final appointments of the trip.


For lunch, our Danish rep introduced me to a tiny little hole in the wall for healthy sandwiches and salads.


In the afternoon I stopped into Atelier September—a trendy cafe for sweet pastries and avocado toast. Grabbed a big green tea before heading to the airport around 6pm. Of note: the city does not have Uber, only taxis. We’re so accustomed to the convenience of Uber, so we have to polish off those survival skills and grab a cab in the street whether rain or snow!


Until next time, Copenhagen!


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