Trevor Hoehne is one of my favorite photographers to work with, so when he told us he would be visiting Paris, we recruited him to snap some shots of the city.. Icons like Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot prove that Parisian style is both romantic, chic and adventurous, so we enlisted the help of our social media followers with the tag #PickMeAnineBing to find an authentic Parisienne to model for the day. Camille was a perfect fit..



// ANINE BING striped shearling coat //



// ANINE BING distressed t-shirt – ANINE BING vintage leather jacket – ANINE BING jeans with hem detail – ANINE BING havana velvet shoulder bag //



// ANINE BING striped shearling coat //



// ANINE BING chunky cable knit – ANINE BING biker leather vest – ANINE BING mid rise skinny jeans – ANINE BING bianca boots //



// ANINE BING blazer in velvet //



// ANINE BING chunky cable knit – ANINE BING biker leather vest – ANINE BING mid rise skinny jeans – ANINE BING bianca boots //



// ANINE BING blazer in velvet  – ANINE BING moto leather pants with knee details – ANINE BING bianca boots //



// ANINE BING distressed t-shirt – ANINE BING vintage leather jacket – ANINE BING jeans with hem detail – ANINE BING havana velvet shoulder bag – ANINE BING kate oxfords in gold //

How was the shoot?

I met Trever for the first time that morning, but he’s so nice and his natural spontaneity immediatly put everyone at ease! Shooting with him on the streets of Le Marais really felt natural…and fun!I just loved walking around in Anine Bing’s clothes. You can feel that she has a strong awareness of style and comfort – and I really think there’s a tie between her solar personality and her brand.

Tell us a bit about you.

I was born in the US, but I grew up in Paris, which makes me appreciate both cultures. I studied International Business in Boston with a bunch of international kids which  sparked my love for traveling. I just got back from a  trip to Japan – and I cannot stop thinking about Tokyo and its tremendous ability for creativity and innovation. I cannot wait to go back… I also love everything that has to do with Italy.

What about Paris inspires your day-to-day style?

I think Paris by day echoes a very natural sense of style. I am thinking denim, and a black cashmere coat for winter, with a comfortable pair of low boots. But Paris by night is more about glamorous red lips and a hint of lace under a black blazer. How cliché is that…

What are some of the city’s hidden gems?

First thing that comes to my mind is the Musée Rodin’s gardens. It really is like going back in time, surrounded by silence and incredible pieces of art. It sets a contemplative mood, which is not to bad when you know how noisy Paris can be!

If you’d like a good glass of Wine, I would definitely recommand La Félicité – a new Cave à Manger, rue Legendre, in the 17th district. Axelle and Domitille, the owners, ARE the actual hidden gems – they’re hillarious and really talented. Be prepared to eat the most delicious truffle cheese with a tasty glass of red wine.

Also, I just discovered this place : Le Petit Varenne, on the left bank. My best friends and I often have dinner at “La Laiterie Sainte Clotilde”, an amazing restaurant owned by the same guys. It is the kind of place where you just keep telling yourself : « I am so glad to be Parisian right now » while sitting on the most beautiful blue velvet sofas and eating delicious food.

On a beauty note, « Nose » is my favorite place to seek for the perfect fragrance. I discovered so many new « parfumeurs »  there.

And if you want to take good care of your Parisian hair (meaning, making the world believe that you do not brush your hair, even though you actually do) please book an afternoon at David Mallet – an outstanding salon in the heart of Paris. And ask for Louis – but be careful, you might as well fall in love with him.

What do you think makes a true Parisienne?

Mmmmmh. Probably a girl who knows the metro plan by heart ? THAT makes you a real Parisienne !

Otherwise, I’d say that a true Parisienne is either « rive gauche » or « rive droite », and is fond of her neighbourhood. I am a real « Rive Droite » Parisian. Even though I am secretely wishing I could be a « Rive Gauche » cool girl, spending my time sipping black coffee at Le Café de Flore.

The Parisian girl is not an over-thinker. She looks confident, sometimes cold, owns a Pass Navigo (the local metro card), loves endless « cafés » with her friends, wears leather sometimes, works hard, loves fashion, but not too much, and who’s not afraid to poke a little fun at herself from time to time (quoting Barack about Michelle!).

What ANINE BING pieces are on your Holiday wishlist this year?

Can I say… pretty much everything? But if I really had to chose, I’d go for the red velvet Elly pumps. And a classic black leather pants. Anine’s leather pants are like pajamas. I’d definitely complete my lingerie collection with one of her beautiful lace bra – probably the « delicate » one ! Also, the black blazer in velvet. I think I might have a thing with velvet. And… the Mini Eternity Ring!


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