This week we picked our second destination for our #AroundTheWorldInANINEBING shoot.. and we’re going to Barcelona! It was such a tough decision for the team with so many of you uploading your amazing pictures, so we decided to choose THREE girls: @ariviere, @patzhunter & @coolhunterdiary. Each of them have such a unique sense of style, and I can’t wait to see how they look as the face of our March campaign.. 

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love the girls you picked for March. I promise you if you come to Iowa, I have a friend PERFECT for your campaign (besides me of course). LOL. have fun and safe travels.

Las conozco porque sigo a 2 en instagram y me alegro mucho pero me da pena que solo elijas a bloggers que son conocidas pensaba que cualquier chica anónima tenía posibilidades .un saludo

I would love to see you pick an anonymous mom who wears your clothes in her everyday life. Someone relatable who may not be a fashion blogger or model. An everyday girl!

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