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Hi friends,

I am so curious to find out who you all are and get to know you a little better. I’ve been blogging for more than 8 years now on different platforms and with different kinds of focus. It started out as a lifestyle blog, then when I had Bianca it turned more into a mom blog, along came Benjamin but also my business ANINE BING and the blog naturally followed along.. Now I give your glimpses of my daily life as a business owner, but also as a mom. As I’m sure you all can relate to, my life gets so busy sometimes and it’s easy just to continue in old habits.. I would love to connect with you a little more and hear your thoughts on what you like about the blog and what you want read/see more of. I am so grateful for you all and I want this to be a place full of inspiration and warmth. Please leave a comment and tell me a bit about who YOU are and what I can do to make the blog even better.

Lots of LOVE


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Hi Anine!

I have been following you since the very beginning of your line. Actually, the fact that I fell in love with the first leather jacket you designed was the reason I knew you and then I started following you and reading your blog.
I must to admit that I love every piece of your line, I want to buy everything hahaha. we both have a very similar style.
About your blog, I love the way you talk (or write) about your family and children. Very sweet and sensitive.
Lots of love and hugs!

Dear Anine.
I am 29 years old. Live in Malmö with my Swedish husband, 2 months old son and our little white dog Milou. On maternity leave now but I work with sponsorship activation and events. I am Danish and I am think it’s super cool of you that you speak perfect Danish and Swedish (my goal..)
Unlike a lot of your other followers I am not so much into fashion actually, but I like to dress well! I think that’s why I like your style – simple outfits with cool details.
I like your blog/insta as it is but since you ask I miss your small videos with q&a’s (I still make those simple banana pancakes you recommended).
Thanks for this universe you provide both when it comes to your design and this blog! And I am fascinated about your new vision and business strategy (read an article about you in Børsen Business with great respect).

Hi! I’m Alessandra, 44-years-old, Brazilian, mother of a lovely 7-year-old girl named Aline.
I love your blog, specially when you post your children’s pics!
Lots of love!

Hi Anine! I am 29 year old girl living in Johannesburg, South Africa and I started following you about a year or so ago when i fell absolutely in love with your leather jackets and most of all your overall style! You are exceptionally inspiring and I love your style and designs! I am travelling to New York soon on honeymoon and I will definitely be going to your store!! I love your instagram and I get a lot of style inspiration from you! xxx Georgia

Hi Anine. I started following you in 2010 maybe….!? It is amazing that you and your husband managed to grow your brand into what it is now yet you have remained the same person. I really like your blog. It is different than anything out there. The platform changed now and I must say i really love how simple it is to scroll through and see your posts and updates. I am not that into the fashion and decor inspiration posts and usually just click on your personal updates and your own home decors. I think you have such incredible tastes in everything – SO simple and elegant, i guess i can say very Swedish of you. I was bummed you discontinued the videos though. Maybe it was very time consuming to make but it was so cute to see you talk and share little recipes here and there. I would love that you bring those back if you have time to make them. 🙂 Yeah, love you and this blog; even if you post the same activities again and again I still love to scroll through them. You have such a calm and warm vibe that makes me keep coming back to this blog for. Enjoy your time in Mexico with your family and i hope you will always keep this space for us to connect. xoxo

I forgot to mention that I also love the quote of the day posts. Quick instant positive reminders! 🙂

Hej Anine

Jeg er 22 år og fra Danmark 🙂 Tror at jeg har fulgt din skønne blog i omkring 2 år, og jeg er især vild med at læse indlæg om smykker. I øvrigt havde jeg en super god oplevelse i din butik i Paris, så jeg håber selvfølgelig, at Anine Bing snart kommer til Skandinavien 😉

Hilsen Pernille

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