The process behind making a pair of ANINE BING Charlie Boots is quite tedious and takes a lot of labor and love. Each step is done by hand and every boot takes hours to complete. It’s so cool to see how they transform from just pieces of leather and wood to these amazing boots!

The first thing the cobblers do is cut up all the leather for the shoe. The upper part of the shoe gets embroidered and the zippers are put in after all the leather pieces are stitched together.

The shoemaker marks out the placement of all gold studs with a pen and puts them in one by one. When all studs are punched in to the boot the sock lining and innersoles are placed. After the heel bases are glued together the shoe is balanced and painted black, then buffed and sanded.

Multiple coats of glue gets applied to the shoe which is activated by heat. Lastly the heel pads are glued in, and after the boots are cleaned, polished and inspected by detail oriented staff at the ANINE BING studio in downtown L.A they’re finally ready to be shipped off to our costumer..


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I love my Charlie’s so much that I don’t want to even wear them. A couple of months ago I wore them in London, it was a sunny day, but it rain a little, you will see me jumping in order not to step into any puddle. The leather underneath got a little warp, my question for you is should I refaced the bottom of the shoe, in order to protect it from the elements? But again love the boots, and I will cherish them forever.

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