anine bing christmas holiday anine bing christmas holiday anine bing christmas holiday

I love Christmas and I have so many beautiful memories from being a kid. My mom and dad was so good at making it special. In our house it was not about the gifts, they had a more religious perspective on Christmas. But my grandparents always spoiled us with presents. Presents or not it was the most magical time of year.. My mom made the most beautiful angels that we docorated our three with.. She gave me some to decorate our three with and it makes me think of my childhood.. My strongest memories from Christas was from when I had just turned 6. I got little beautiful earrings from my grandparents.. My ears was not pierced yet, but my mom told me that it was ok for me to get them pierced this Christmas and that’s how I got my first pair of earrings.


If you look closely at these pictures you might see our three is plastic. So sad but nessecery since Bianca and Nicolai are both allergic to the real deal. I try to make the best of it and found a fake three that looks as real as possible.. Anyway. A mix of wool angels and plastic threes makes it nice anyways. The kids are SO excited for christmas and I am too…
Wishing you all a merry and cozy Christmas Day..

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