Hi Mini,
I’ve known you for quite some time now and a lot of things have happened since I first met you in 2006.
Back then you were a busy super model traveling the world doing huge campaigns! You’re still doing all that but you’ve also become a mother which is so amazing to take part of as your friend.  
I’m so happy you wanted to sit down with me and share some of your viewpoints and stories. I think many of my readers will be interested in getting to know you and hear about your career and life here in Los Angeles –  So thank you! 
  Thank u for having me 🙂
What was your dream job growing up? 
 I think I always dreamt of being an actor… But at one point I was also interested in psychology…my plan was to pursue modeling for a couple of years after graduating high school and then move back to Sweden to attend university….. But life had other things in store for me… Ended up staying in NY ( where I met my husband) and made modeling  and acting my career. We now live in LA.
Where did you grow up?
 I grew up on Lidingö, an island outside Stockholm. It was the perfect place to be a kid! Growing up in the countryside while 15 min away from the center of Stockholm.
How would describe yourself in three words?
Oh me in 3 words…. Lets see…how about this… I’ll do 3 words for my “good sides” and 3 for my “bad ones” 🙂 …on a positive note I’m quick to laugh, I’m caring and loving…. On the flip side.. I can be quite neurotic, impatient and a little dramatic..
 So, how did your career start?
My career started early on. I was 10 years old when I did my first fashion show. My teacher in school had a daughter who worked at an ad agency and who would ask her mom if she had any students who would be interested in shoots etc.. Her mom suggested me… And that’s how it all started…
 Whats your biggest break through?
Mm… I think my biggest breakthrough was shooting Italian vogue with Peter Lindbergh…
 What advice would you give to someone who is interested in working as a model?
It’s always hard to know what advice to give people who want to model.. We’re all so different… But one thing I have always lived by is “be on time” , and don’t get lost in the “fun of it all”.. After all it’s a job, and a possible career if u play your cards right.
 Did you come to Los Angeles for a specific opportunity?
My husband actually lived in LA until he was a teenager…. So after years in NY we ended up spending more and more time in LA… I started acting, and loving the lifestyle here…. It suited us and all our dogs.. So we made LA our base.
 You recently became a mother for the first time! And by the way… You’re such a great mother. I love seeing you and your beautiful family being so blessed and happy with your little Felix.
Oh thank u!!! Yes ,we are so blessed! Felix is such a great kid! The love of our lives!
What’s the best thing about being a mother?
The best thing about being a mother… Every morning waking up to his smile!
He’s such a charmer.
Did you enjoy being pregnant?
 Being pregnant was an amazing experience. That being said… For someone as active as me it was hard ” having to slow down”… I’m used to having a great deal of energy and the last couple of months of the pregnancy was heavy. But I am very grateful I got to experience growing a life. It’s such a crazy thing! What a miracle! I learnt a lot about myself during that time and found giving birth very empowering! It’s amazing what our body’s are designed to do!
Me and Mini super pregnant..
You are not only a mom, you also have 4 dogs,or is it 5?.. Tell us about your LOVE for dogs.
Yes, we also have 5 hairy kids! I have always loved dogs… My husband comes from a large family and is sort of the “more the merrier”…so he’s really the reason for why we have so many.
They’re great dogs and have been amazing with Felix. He’s like our own little Mowgli!
 As your friend, I have seen many sides of you. Not only the jet setter girl who travel the world. You are actually the opposite of the picture I have of a super model. You are so down to earth and super sweet I get the impression you love to just stay in and spend time with your closest friends and family – Am I right?
 Yes, you’re right!!! I am a real homebody! I love just having friends over for game night! Of course going out , dressing up is fun too…. But now, especially since becoming a mom priorities shift!
Do you do anything for yourself?
My “me time” is spent working out! I love it! I do Pilates 3 times / week and Piloxing once or twice a week. Piloxing is a fusion of pilates, boxing and dance… A kick ass interval cardio class! I have an amazing instructor, Viveca Jensen who’s been kicking my butt for years now. She saw me trough my whole pregnancy. I did Pilates up until the day before I gave birth!
 Who is your biggest role model? 
I don’t have a specific role model but get inspired by different people all the time…. Of course at this point in my life I’m looking up to any woman who manages to be a great mom and partner while juggling a career!
 What is the best advice you have ever received?
 My hubby gives great advice actually…. The one that applies now is to just learn to go with the flow. I tend to be a planner…. And with a kid you just can’t….
U never know when there’s throw up, a blowout poop, a cold etc…
What do you dream of?
Oh I dream of a life in the countryside of Malibu…Building our dream house, having our own chicken and growing our own vegetables….some horses, goats…a miniature pig 🙂
Not sure I’d be thrilled with all the work that entails…. But in the dream there will be a care taker for the animals… Lol…when it comes to work being a regular on a great tv show shooting in LA would be awesome…. Knowing you get to come home to your kid every day would be great. I’m not really looking forward to all the traveling I will have to do without Felix in the future.
Describe your ideal day in Los Angeles…
My ideal day in LA would be going to the beach! I don’t go as often as I should, but every time I do I feel renewed. There’s nothing like some sea air.
 What makes you happy?
What makes me happy?… My family, friends, good food, great music…
image 4
 Do you have any beauty secrets you would like to share? 
Beauty secrets… I’m pretty simple in my routine…don’t even wear makeup unless I’m going out or working….but I do believe in using organic products. My latest obsession are body oils from Weleda.
 What can’t you live without?
Oh I can’t live without my Burt’s bees honey Chapstick! And hand cream. Skin food from Weleda is great.
 You have such a great style – can you tell me about your favorite items in your wardrobe?
Thank u!! I guess I’m pretty basic when it comes to my wardrobe as well! I’m def a jeans, boots and leather jacket kind of girl…. Sort of like someone else I know…. 🙂
I’m also known to love a great pair of sweats!!! Ha! The first thing I do when I get in the door is throw my clothes off and jump in to sweats and a tshirt! Nothing like being comfortable 🙂
I do really enjoy having an excuse to get dressed up though and throw on a great pair of heals! My latest purchase is a pair of burgundy Dior pumps. Love!
When it comes to boots in my closet you’ll find ANINE BING ( of course) Acne pistol boots and Rag and Bones Newbury boots…. Love how many different colors they come in!
What are your current must-have kids’ finds?
When it comes to kids stuff I love organic cotton… My go to is Burt’s bees baby. They’re stuff is all organic and reasonably priced. I also love polarn o pyret! Their organic old fashioned stripes are great! I wore them too as a kid!!! When it comes to diapers and wipes, shampoo, cleaning products etc I order from the honest company!

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