ANINE BING DESK[ Candle sticks from Svensk Tenn. Artwork by Bianca. Paris Snow globe from my latest trip to Paris. Note book from Lou & Friends ]

I just love Mondays.. After a relaxing weekend there is no better feeling to get into the office and start a new exciting week. My team and I have worked hard the past month to plan this weeks campaign shoot. I am so so excited since the spring collection is so beautiful and we found the perfect model to shoot the pieces on. The search for a model is not as easy as it might sounds. We look at agencies all over the world to find the perfect girl that represent the brand the best for that specific season..

A lot of fun things happening this week at the office. My goal for this week is to be a bit more organized. I feel like I’ve been all over the place lately. I am gonna get better at writing down my though and ideas in my little note book.

As you might notice my desk kinda changes each week. Well, I always have my desk at the office- but I do like changing up where I sit and work. Back when the kids was babies I worked from home a lot, the bed or sofa was actually a very great and productive work place for me then. Now I spend most days at the office but change between my desk, the sofa, the conference room or sometimes I just take my lap top and go sit next to one of the girls in the team. Its fun to change it up a little.
 How do you guys like to work? At the same desk everyday or do you feel more creative if you switch it up?

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I like to switch it up where I work as well. I feel more creative this way. I prefer a room with an outdoor view ~ even on my deck! I mostly work on my dining table with huge windows looking out to the front yard full of trees. Right now, I open the windows to soak in all the cool, crisp autumn air. Candles are a must too. Since the gorgeous autumn weather is here, I also enjoy going to a quiet cafe to get some work done while sipping a cup of pumpkin latte. Change is good!

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