My weekend

My weekend has been super fun and relaxing with the family.. Birthday party for Biancas friend Leja. Christmas party. Shopping. Christmas drink at my friend Ashleigh’s house. Breakfast with friends and kids. And much more… Here is some peaks from my weekend..


//Friday night we had dinner at the local diner Mel’s. Milkshake is a must//We got Bianca a small christmas tree for her room. Well, she has done the decoration herself.. Hairbands and a picture of herself//Bianca met Santa at the Swedish christmas party//Lovely cake at Leja’s party//


Breakfast with lovely girls. Look how super gorgeous and pregnant my friend Ashleigh is. Sara did the ring test on her belly.. Girl or boy? We will soon find out//I am addicted to healthy juices//


//I’m a little obsessed with my 2 boy bags.. Witch one is your favorite?//Bianca makes my mommy heart so proud. I love when she make these super cute drawings. Being a mom is so amazing. Love the cute little moments everyday with the kids//I love this new burgundy hat we just got in. I’m gonna wear it all winter//You can never get too many roses or too much chocolate. Love it all//

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Hej Anine! Vet inte om du såg min fråga i ditt förra inlägg men jag hade varit jätte tacksam ifall du kunde svara vilket märke de där guldiga nagellacket du la upp på insta för några dagar sen var? Kram

Tack för alla underbara bilder du jämt lägger upp. Det är alltid lika kul att kika in hos dig för att få härlig inspo 😉
Vilken helt fantastisk bebismage! Och vad det gäller dina Chanel är de lika underbart fina båda två.

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