Kids Corner


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Some cool kids rooms to be inspired by.. I love the color of that little tent, perfect dusty shades of pink..



Back to basic

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Many years ago I went to the most amazing hair dresser in Sweden-Antonio Axu.. But since I moved to LA I never got a chance to see him.. So guess how excited I got when I heard he was here. I booked an appointment right away and today was the day.. Antonio is one of the best out there to do natural looking hair.. I wanted to go back to basic. He did my roots as close to my natural color as possible and left my ends a bit lighter.. I love when the hair feels natural and doesn’t look too “done”.

I am super happy about the result..
If you live in LA or Sweden you should go see him.. You will not get disappointed..

Feels good to be home


Our trip was magical. It was so great to see the kids with our families and show them Denmark and Sweden.. But the jet lag and the long trip was not fun with two little ones..

Now we are back in beautiful LA and we are all very happy to be home. Love traveling, but it feels even better to come home. I just love our home, our routines and my own bed…

I still have summer vacation with the kids for another week. Love spending all day long with Bianca and Benjamin…

NOW-Time for a dip in the pool..


WANTED! / Fashion


// 1. Isabel Marant dress – 2. Illesteva sunglasses – 3. J Crew wishbone cuff – 4. ANINE BING belt – 5. Comme de garçons wallet -6. Senso Leo flats – 7. Le Labo perfume //