A perfect day


Today was the best day in a very long time.. I got to hang out with my best friend Manja, my two brothers and all the kids. We started the day with breakfast together, continued to the beach and ended it with dinner.. I must say this vacation has been amazing. The kids have been so happy to see everyone in Scandinavia and I feel totally relaxed.. No work, no stress. Pure vacation..

To be around family and good friends is all that matters.. So thankful for what I have


Snapshots Copenhagen

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I fell in love with beautiful Copenhagen once again.. It is really one of the most amazing places in the world.. Especially in the summer time.. We had some beautiful days here with friends and family. Soon its time to visit another place that means a lot to me. SWEDEN!


A favorite right now


I protect my skin from the sun with this awesome cream from Nutura Bisse. It is pretty pricey, but for me its worth it cause it really does a great job. It doesn’t only protect my skin from the sun, it also give my face a glow like no other sun cream. A must in my make up bag.




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Things that currently excites me; 1. VACATION plans 2. Splashes of RED, like these cool bikinis from Isabel Marant and RVCA 3. The thought of having time to read an actual BOOK…

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