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ANINE_WANTED// 1. Equipment silk shirt – 2. Urban Outfitters sunglasses – 3. Jennifer Zeuner necklace – 4&5. ANINE BING ring – 6. Philosophy cleanser – 7. Essie nail polish – 8. Maison Close lace bra //



Beautiful Rosie


Check out how beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks in her ANINE BING t-shirt..



Anines WorldAnines WorldBiancas gardenAnines WORLD

Bianca is so happy in our new house. What she loves the most is all the beautiful roses in front of the house. I must say the whole family is enjoying every moment of living in our new house. It has such a good energy and I never wanna leave again. I love just being home doing nothing.There is nothing better than seeing the kids run around in the grass jumping of joy. I am so thankful for everything…

We lived in Hollywood Hills before which was great. We had an amazing view. But to be honest I am so much happier here. Now we have a big beautiful garden. And we can walk round in the neighborhood.. We don’t have to take the car everywhere which is very rare for LA. A few of my favorite restaurants are just a few blocks away. The house we live in is build 1920. So it has a lot of soul and coziness. I promise to show you sneak peaks of everything here on the blog..



New ep


I am so excited to let you know that my band Kill Your Darlings just released a new EP. You can check it out HERE. I hope you like it..

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