Tell us a bit about you?

Like all women all over the world, my daily life is spent juggling work, family, friends, life, and dogs! I originally trained and worked as a nurse for many years then studied law, progressing from corporate practice to academia as a  law lecturer. Right now I am super excited about my recent involvement combining both careers acting as the commercial director for a company, which is delivering revolutionary treatments for patients with advanced cancer. I have always loved fashion, simple classic style but with an edge, that allows me in my very busy life to feel confortable, happy, together but most importantly gives me the confident attitude to rock my way chic through the day.

How did you hear about our #AroundTheWorldInAnineBing campaign?

Through the fabulous world of Intsagram, as I follow all the girls who wear and love Anine Bing.

Tell us about the photoshoot! Any highlights? Any challenges?

All highlights, such a fun day. The team was just pure class, funny, kind, open, and generous, not just to me but to my beautiful daughter, Rhianne who  accompanied me on the shoot. I could not have asked for more. Oh and the champagne helped! I was a wee bit nervous about the posing for the camera but you had William, who was so smart at making me feel relaxed and fabulous!

What inspires your day-to-day style?

Long before instagram and social media my fashion choices were inspired by the glossies of the day and have collected  every edition of Vogue since 1990. What inspires me now is streetstyle,  from blogs and instagram, watching normal every day people and their choice of style and fashion.

What’s your idea of a perfect day in London?

Don’t even have to think for a second about this answer. First skip work! Then off to Portobello market and spending a good few hours rambling around the vintage stalls and shops , soaking up the cool vibe, sipping coffees, and lots of people watching. In the afternoon to the National Portrait gallery, for lunch and a different kind of people watching. It is the most beautiful space, can spend hours in there! Then dinner and drinks with my sister Veronica, starting with a cocktail in the Fumoir bar at Claridges, which has the most glorious 1930’s art deco vibe.

Who’s your style icon and why?

I  know everyone says this, but Kate Moss, no question.  Her classic rock chic style and her wonderful ability to incorporate those beautiful vintage pieces. She’s always ahead of the game.

If you could take a trip anywhere in the world where would it be.

California, as I’ve never been, first San Franciso, then Los Angeles where I would check out the cool vintage clothes shops and bring you all to dinner and dancing.

What’s one ANINE BING item you can’t live without?

The Charlie boot. As I get older I find it difficult to keep that edge in my fashion choices. Anine makes that easy, designing fashion that can be worn by all age groups. The Charlie boot is the prefect example of this it prevents the dreaded twee look, worn with the midi, the maxi, the suit, the leathers, the denim, it ups my game, which believe me, we women need as we advance through the years!

Any style advice for other ANINE BING girls.

God no, if they’re wearing Anine Bing, they don’t need advice, they’ve made the right choice!

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I am one of the Anine girls beyond 40 or even beyond …, and for me Kitty is the perfect choice! Love her style and her attitude! Thank you for this inspiring woman!

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