Tell us a bit about you.

Journalist and vocational cool-hunter. I started my adventures in the fashion industry in TELVA, one of the most prestigious Spanish fashion magazines, and after a stage in the communication department of L’Oréal Professionnel, I worked as a correspondent for GRAZIA magazine. Coolhunter Diary, my fashion and lifestyle blog, was born in 2010 with the purpose of informing and entertaining.

I love paintings by Riera I Aragó. The lyrics by John Mayer make me dream. And I’m a quirky girl (my nails are painted in a fuchsia colour right now).

What inspired you to join the #AroundTheWorldInANINEBING movement?
Without a doubt, Anine´s casual but sophisticated style. I love the way she wears basics that become trend.


Tell us about the photoshoot! Any highlights? Challenges?
I spent an amazing time working with Anine, her photographer William, art director Emma, hairstylist Ani, videographer Ángel and makeup artist Cynthia. They made me feel comfortable and I had so much fun joking and modeling for William! I want to repeat! But, next time, in LA.

What inspires your day-to-day style?
My mum because of her special sensitivity and hippie-chic style.


A friend is visiting you in Barcelona for 24 hours, where do you take them?
To Anine Bing boutique, of course! Then, we would visit Santa Eulalia, one of the best Barcelona fashion boutiques. We would have brunch at Jaime Beriestain, then I’d take her to Luzio, one of my favorite decoration shops and visit Pigment Gallery too. I love art! We would have dinner at Boca Grande and then we’ll have cocktails at Boca Chica. Best plan ever!

What’s one ANINE BING item you can’t live without?
The Charlie boots. I wear them 24-7!


Who’s your style icon and why?
I don´t think I have any one style icon in particular. I love Kate Moss´ grunge style but, on the other side, I like Anna Dello Russo madness and sophistication.

What’s your style philosophy?
Be natural and spontaneous. If you are not, you can´t be cool 😉

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