// ANINE BING disc charm with diamond star – ANINE BING beaded necklace – ANINE BING vintage bing tee – ANINE BING classic leather pants – ANINE BING low charlie boots in navy //

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Always so ChiC and graceful. Yet you are edgy and current ….Anine you are the master of style, always adorning yourself in flattering and somewhat conservative silhouettes, that are less than ordinary.
I love how you mix your layers of jewels too…..I have my eye on your locket, the perfect spot to slip a picture of my best friend, and father, to feel a touch of heaven in and near my heart each day…..can’t wait to covet and bring that home one day! thank you for all your inspiration!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful comment. I appreciate it very much. xoxo

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