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Today my team and I arrived in London. So fun to travel. For the past few years I didn’t want to travel too much because of my kids. There is nothing worse for a mom than to leave them behind, but now when they are a bit older (3 and 6) it feels ok to leave them for a few days with their dad. I am in London for the first campaign shoot for #AroundTheWorldInANINEBING I was so happy to catch up with an old friend who lives here. Caroline Winberg. She came by the apartment we rented and then we took her for drinks and dinner. She showed me one of her favorite hang out spots here in London. Randomly we also bumped into another Swedish girl who lives in Monaco but she was here for a meeting. Small world. Anyway. Now I’m off to bed. Have an exciting day ahead of me tomorrow.

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sounds wonderful! can’t wait to see the photos from the shoot in London. its very cold in Iowa today – hope you stay warm where you are.
ps: love the new sunglasses – my next order for sure.

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