Hi beautiful friends,

God its been some hectic weeks. Or actually hectic years. Ever since I started ANINE BING almost two years ago its been going crazy fast everything.

I have worked non stop and on top of that 2 kids. I feel super tired and burned out, BUT I am so grateful for everything in my life so I am not complaining at all. I just feel like a need a vacation with my family.
I am dreaming of sitting on a beach, swimming in the ocean and drinking fresh juices and playing with my kids all day long. I am dreaming of waking up without checking my iphone the first thing in the morning, taking a nap in the shade and just be me.
I am gonna make this happen. But I need your advise.. Where is the best and most beautiful place you’ve ever been? It needs to be somehow kids friendly but at the same time amazing for me and my husband..
Please give me all your great advise on destinations and hotels for us to go. Looking forward to hear from you guys….

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I was going to say Tulum, Mexico, too. We just went last month, and it’s the peak season right now. Tulum is gorgeous, and you’ll find the rest you need there.

I think you can check out Ana Y Jose or Be Tulum. We stayed at Coco Tulum, which was very clean, and quiet, but because they only have public bath/shower, it wouldn’t be ideal for traveling with kids. If you end up looking into it more, I can recommend some restaurants too. They have a great juice bar right in the area as well. I have some pictures on my blog if you wanna check them out. Happy planning!

Belize was amazing!! Went there last summer on my honeymoon. There are definitely hotels on the island that are kid friendly (unfortunately the one I stayed at wasn’t) I would also check out Mexico too!! Short plane ride is key 🙂

Tulum/Mexico is a great place with kids! Relaxing, beautiful, great restaurants (Hartwood being the best!! also: Casa Jaguar, Posada Margerita, Las Estrellas, Be Tulum, Casa Violetta…) lots to do (kite surfing, diving, animal/nature parks; great for kids, Yoga.) Some beautiful shopping of hippie/bohemian clothing, jewelry, leather, hand crafted pottery and fabric.
Tulum is still hippie low key even though it is so close to Cancun (only 1 1/2- 2 hours by taxi) Here are no nightclubs only beautiful bungalows, great food and turquiose sea!! More people have discovered it recently, yet it still feels utterly tranquil!
On a medium budget stay in Playa Mambo, a beautiful family run resort. If you have lots to spend.. Be Tulum, Casa Violetta (they have familly size bungalows on the beach) are great! These are all on the best part of the loooooong beach ( 8-10 kilometres), i.o.w far away from the town. Email if you need more info, been here 3 times in 6 years;-) Ps. Closer to your home: Hawaii: North shore Oahu or Kailua, Oahu? ds. PPs your clothing line is fabulous!!

Hawaii/Maui is amazing! And not too far from LA. You have to check out Andaz Resort at Wailea. It is a fantastic hotel and perfect for both kids and adults.

French polynesia
Tikehau (meaning Peaceful Landing in Tuamotuan) is a coral atoll in the Palliser Islands group.

Taha’a (Sometimes spelled as “Tahaa”) is an island located among the Society Islands, in French Polynesia.

Redang Island, locally known as Pulau Redang or just “Redang” is one of the largest islands off the east coast of Malaysia.

Aruba (Papiamento in Aruba) is one of the four autonomous countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and consists of an island in the Caribbean. Wonderful climate and perfect for children.

Just to go somewhere totally beautiful and relaxing (no traffic, no shops etc.) I would definitely go to Maldives! All inclusive gives you also freedom of cash or credit cards. We were there last year and never been so relaxed after the vacation. We were in Kuredu island but there are many more elegant / luxurious islands to go too. So, in few words: Heaven on earth, literally!

Rosewood Mayakoba in Mexico! A resort close to Tulum, the best Resort ever! This place is a dream and my 3 year old loved it. It is a little bit expensive but it is Worth every penny! I work in the Holiday biz and have stayed in many nice places, it doesn’t get better than this!

We’ve been to Rosewood 4 times with our girls and we all love it! The kids club is amazing, great food for the kids and you can do fun day trips out of the resort too. The only thing that’s not so great is the rough ocean so you don’t really swim in there with the kids. The pool is right by the beach so you’re not missing out on swimming but it is nice to be able to just play in the ocean with them too. Antigua is great too, as well as Hawaii… Not have to travel too far is always nice :-).

Maybe Rio or Búzios, both in Brazil… I don’t know which hotels are good in Búzios, but in Rio there’s Sheraton in Barra and Copacabana Palace in Copacabana 🙂

Vi var på Zanzibar för ett par år sedan. Det var helt fantastiskt! Lugnt och stilla, vit sand, vänliga människor, vackert. Södra delen.

Hawaii and especially Maui is amazing! Best place to go, romantic and perfect for kids as well 🙂

Sonevafushi, maldives
Small island, ecofriendly, what you eat come from the garden on the island, great spa, perfect with kids. Great food. No news no shoes was the life motif. Take the “villa” with the palm in the swimming pool. Better then a room

Tulum is wonderful, have stayed at the Ana y Jose hotel, as another mentioned, and it was perfect. I also really love Maui and think Hawaii would be great for kids. xx

If you are looking for relaxing in the paradise! your posted pics;) then I can highly recommend Aitutaki cook island, feels almost like a private island with overwater bungalows, very kids friendly and lovely. Little less expensive than bora bora but as beautiful. Many nice day trips and you can have your complete own island for a day or 2 at an affordable price! Loved it and will go back soon. Or Costa Rica is nice and more urban vibe…Tulum is ok…however Tulum is of course more of a turist mecca:) Have an amazing trip!! Thanks for a great blog!Xxx

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