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The amount of emails I am receiving everyday has increased a lot the past years, and as time has passed by I have developed a way to stay on top. I have learnt to set aside time first thing in the morning where I go through my entire inbox. Some things I delegate to others right away, a couple I need some time to digest and think about but most I reply to right away. Then I continue with meetings and my creative things and before heading back home from the office I always make sure to follow up on my emails one more time before the day is over.

I think it’s important to develop a way that works for you, to create an efficient routine around your workload to minimize unnecessary stress..

What’s your way of dealing with a heavy inbox?




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I process my emails only once a day in the afternoon (when the most important work is out of the way). This helps me be more productive. I also like using folders to organize my emails while using certain templates to respond to similar emails more quickly. By the way, gorgeous lip color!

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