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Hi friends,
Here is the last part of my answers. I hope you enjoyed it.
I will do this again soon. I love to hear from you and get feedback. So don’t forget to drop me a comment now and then..
LOVE Anine
Hello Anine,
is there no chance to order and to ship anine bing clothes from/to germany? I would love to order a sweater or a jeans, but I cant fine a possibility to order something from germany.
Thank you
Anine: We ship worldwide so there is no problem ordering clothes and have them shipped to Germany. If you have any questions please email – our customer service team will make sure to assist and help with any questions you might have.
Hi Anine,
First I love the simplicity in your designs..It is effortless and flawless.
A) What/Who inspires your design
  1. How do you balance work and family life altogether? 🙂
Anine: Thank you so much! 
  1. I get inspired by life. Los Angeles is such a great place for creativity it’s a city that has so much to offer. I love visiting flee markets and vintage shops and just walking around in the streets looking at people and their personal styles inspire me. I also listen to a lot of music and I love art. So I guess it’s a great mix of all of the above.
  2. It’s tricky to find balance and I believe it’s one of those things you’re going to have to continue working on. I’ve learned throughout the years that keeping my work and private life separate is key. Since I work together with my husband it has become important that we only discuss work related topics when we’re in the office and not to bring them home. I also know that I’m much better at my job when I’ve had the chance to focus on the kids. And I’m a more present mom when I’ve been able to square things away at work. My advice is to be realistic, focus on one thing at a time and don’t forget to breathe:-)
Do you have any tips for starting entrepreneurs/bloggers?
Anine: Believe in yourself, be passionate about your business, trust your instincts and be prepared to work hard! It will be a bumpy road but as long as you believe in it it’s worth the effort!

Hej Anine!

Har fulgt dig længe. Elsker din optimisme, din stil og nu også det tøj du designer 🙂

To spm fra mig:
1) Tror du at I en dag flytter tilbage til DK (igen)? Vil selv rigtigt gerne væk fra DK lige nu, har megen udve og har svært ved at se lyspunkterne 🙁
2) Var det svært rent adminstrativt og juridisk at starte firma op i USA? Overvejer selv det samme.


  1. Man ska aldrig säga aldrig men hela familjen älskar att bo i Los Angeles så just nu känns det inte aktuellt att flytta på oss.
  2. Ja, det är inte helt rätt och jag rekommenderar professionell hjälp då det kan vara lite av en djungel att ta sig igenom. Men jag lovar dig att det är värt det! Det gäller bara att ha tid, energi och tålamod haha. 
Hello Anine! Love your blog and adore your clothes! Your skinny charcoal jeans are staples in my closet! You are such an inspiration to myself and other women looking to start/build their own business. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us through your blog and thank you for sharing your creativity and style through your clothes and music! I just have a couple questions for you. 1.) what have been the biggest challenges and biggest rewards in creating your own brand? 2.) what advice would you give to other women starting a business in the fashion industry? 3.) what have you learned about yourself through the process of building a business? Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing and wearing many many more of your designs!
Anine:Thank you so much for your positive feedback! It really means the world to me.
  1. Oooh, the biggest challenge must be to find time for everything! It’s a lot of hard work starting your own business and it still is. Finding the balance between work and family is difficult and it’s probably one the bigger challenges. Biggest reward is no doubt when I see women on the street wearing my clothes. Or when I get comments from readers like you who compliments my line and personality. It’s an amazing feeling and I wouldn’t be where I am without your support – so thank you!
  2. Be prepared to work hard and never stop believing in yourself!
  3. That it’s ok to not be best at everything! That sometimes it’s better to ask for help than being stubborn thinking you can do it all yourself. And how important it is to take a breather once in a while.
 Håper jeg kan skrive på Norsk! 
Hvordan endte du opp der du er i dag? Hvor startet alt? Du ble modell, flyttet til LA, startet en bedrift osv! Jeg er så nyskjerrig på hvordan alt startet og hvordan det ble som det er nå!
Anine: Jag tror att det mesta hänger ihop här i livet. Du samlar på dig erfarenheter längs med vägen, du träffar på personer som påverkar dig på olika sätt och som i sin tur leder till nya möjligheter. Jag började som modell och har under min modellkariärr samlat på mig massor med kunskap om hur modevärlden fungerar. Jag har alltid haft en önskan om att starta mitt egna klädmärke och våren 2012 blev den drömmen verklighet. Jag tror på att man skapar sin egna framgång genom att våga tro på sig själv och inte ge upp de dagar då det känns motigt.
Hi Anine, first of all, thank you for such an inspirational blog and design! You seem like a very warm and open minded person, love (and envy, hah!) that. Just two questions: How did you end up to live in LA or US? And are there any shops in Europe where could find your designs? All the best to you. Br from Finland.
Anine:  Thank you so much – I really appreciated your compliments. 
  1. I spent a lot of time in Los Angeles when I was working as a model. I’ve been here more or less for 10 years now so it really feels like home. 
  2. Yes, we sell to a lot of different stores. In Finland – Helsinki, Urban A just picked up the line so you’ll be able to find it there.
Hej fina du! Jag undrar hur det fungerar att köpa dina kläder via Theyouway/ Tillkommer någon tullavgift till Sverige? Stor kram!
Anine: Märket ANINE BING finns med i TheYouWays sökmotor så när du söker på tex svarta skinnjackor kommer våra modeller komma upp och du kan gå in och “hjärta” dem, spara i en önskelista eller klicka hem produkten. Själva köpet slutförs på vår hemsida; 
Har du ytterligare frågor kring hur det går till kan du alltid maila vår kundservice;
Dear Anine,
thank you for this possibility. I am really inspired by your style and you are doing a great job.
I would like to ask how you got the idea to start your own business and what were the major struggles at the beginning? How did you choose the manufacturers (how did you find them) and how did you develop your styles? How do you manage all that with being a mom of two? Do you think of offering work experiences at your company? I would be really happy if you could chose my questions. Thank you so much and all the best for you! nina
Anine: I’ve always dreamt about starting my own clothing line so it’s been something that I’ve been processing for a while. It is a lot of hard work so finding time for every side of the business was hard in the beginning. 
I love an effortless and relaxed look; I believe less is more so my collection is naturally tailored to have that specific “model off duty” look. We have a lot of experience with clothing production so we knew who to contact and where to go to find the right fabrics and factories. 
I love being a mom and my kids will always be my first priority. I found it helpful to plan and structure my time so when I’m at the office I focus only on the tasks I’ve planned for the day and when I’m home I focus on the kids. It helps – but I think we all have different challenges so it’s important to find a way that works for yourself and your family. 
Jag älskar din stil och dina kläder är fantastiska. Mina frågor är:
Kan man köpa dina kläder i Sverige? Finns det någon återförsäljare eller ha du tänkt öppna en egen butik?
Hur får du till ditt hår så snyggt?
Many thanks!
Anine: Hej, ja det kan du. I Stockholm hittar du ANINE BING på NK och MrsH. I Uppsala finns det en butik som heter Herta som tagit in märket och i Göteborg hittar du ANINE BING hos NK, Tara och Mouche bara för att nämna några. Sedan några veckor tillbaka hittar du även kläderna hos Wakakuu. 
Du kan alltid höra av dig till för ytterligare frågor kring återförsäljare.

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