Becki Newton

Hello friends,

I always get inspired by other people in my surrounding and especially other women who I get to meet daily. Either through my job, my kids, friends and family.

I thought it could be fun to have a recurring post where I sit down and ask some short question to those who inspire me with their personalities, style and way of being.

One of the first people I would like you to meet is Becki Newton. A new friend of mine who is just the sweetest. She is an actress, a mother of two, and a great inspiration.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

xx Anine


Becki.. I remember the first time a saw you at the mom group. I was a bit worried what I had gotten myself into signing up to a group like that.. What would the other mothers be like and would I meet any new cool people.. The moment you entered the room i thought to myself.. YES here she is. A cool, young mom with great sense of style.. Not to sound to obsessed or superficial, but I really liked you before even knowing you. You just had that great energy I look for in new friends.

Ok.. So lets move on to a few question.. 

That’s so funny because when I saw you at mom group I thought the same thing. I loved how you interacted with your child AND how you dressed. When I discovered who you were and the line you created,  I had so much respect for you. And on a very superficial level, needed to own every single thing in your collection. You really need to watch “Single White Female” because I walk around like your much shorter identical twin. With a less cool accent.
How would you describe of yourself in three words?

Easy to laugh

I think you are a fantastic mom. Full of energy and so sweet and loving. How have becoming a mother changed you as a person?

Well thank you! of all the compliments I could receive, this one means the most because I care so much about being a good mom to my kids. I’ve become much more confident since having kids. I think I am too busy to second guess every decision, so I move through life with a little more purpose these days.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

I love that you truly can’t plan too far ahead for anything. Being a mom forces me to live in the moment. We can be all packed up heading out the door for a full day of adventures, but if someone throws up or wants an apple or has to pee then all plans have to wait. As a very schedule oriented person this has been great for me.

You are not only a fantastic mother you are also a great actress.. Since I don’t have a TV I had to google you 🙂 And I found some pretty great stuff out there… Which TV shows have we seen you in?

How do you not have a TV? You can come over to my house any time and we can watch together. Most people know me from Ugly Betty. I played a bitchy receptionist obsessed with fashion and had the time of my life. Hopefully you will see that I am very different from my character. Except as you’ve already learned, I am also obsessed with fashion. I also played a stripper on a sitcom called How I Met Your Mother recently. For some reason I seem to play characters that are far more brazen than I am in real life.

Why did you decide you wanted become an actress..?

My grandmother took me to NYC when I was 12 years old. She was a violinist and took me with her to her lessons. She took me to see a Broadway show and I feel in love with it. The costumes, the lights, the singing and dancing. I loved the spectacle of it all and knew I had to be a part of it somehow.

You are a mom of 2. Has becoming a mom changed your style?

Definitely. I developed a strategy after my first child by creating a uniform. Great jeans, and a perfect T shirt, with 2 or 3 identical options. That way if mid day something gets spilled on you and you have to change you know exactly what you are putting on to replace it. I have fun with shoes and accessories to keep it interesting.


How do you manage to always look so great, what is your secret?

Decluttering. Most people don’t wear 80 percent of what is in their closet. The less stuff I have the better I look. Rather than 5 pairs of jeans that almost fit, I’d rather one great pair I wear every day. If something doesn’t fit or make you feel fabulous, give it away.

3 favorites in your closet?

I’m not just saying this to flatter you, but since discovering your line I can’t imagine wearing anything else. Right now I am in the gray skinny jeans that look great with everything. That’s why I ordered a second pair today (see earlier response regarding my “uniform”). Am also loving the green army jacket that I see you wearing all the time. People are going to think I am stalking you because I am dressed exactly like you these days.  The white leather bomber jacket was a special present I bought for myself because it makes me feel like a superhero.
I noticed we both have a obsession for Chanel bags.. Why do you like those handbags so much and which one is your favorite?

Yes. I admit. I love Chanel bags. When I got Ugly Betty, I bought myself one. A black one with a silver chain. Somehow I started a little collection, where if I got a big job I would splurge and get myself one. I love the way they look, especially juxtaposed to laid back clothing. Ripped jeans and a Chanel bag looks so cool to me. My favorite is my olive  green one that is going to go great with the new booties you are coming out with. Don’t think I haven’t been researching!


3 beauty favorites.. (products)

Kerestase pink line shampoo and Conditioner
Shu Umera eyelash curler
Chanel blush

I noticed one thing.. You never really wear make up. But you still look fantastic. Please give us the scoop..

I used to wear a lot more make-up, both for work and in real life. But something happened when I had my little girl. I had put on some foundation one morning while getting ready for my day. As a new mom, sometimes a little primping can help battle fatigue. And then I held my daughter, and noticed some of the makeup had smudged onto her perfect newborn skin. It looked so heavy and false compared to her perfect little cheek. It hit me then and there that I don’t want to spend my time covering up or fixing my skin, i’d rather accept it and show it off. I want her to grow up being proud of how she looks naturally.

If you only have 5 minutes to get ready in the morning, what do you put on and how do you do to look and feel great?

I put on Natura Bisse Luminous Shield sunscreen. It’s tinted so it evens things out.  And a little mascara. And a ton of rings and bracelets (something else I’ve noticed we have in common). Then the uniform of cool jeans and a great t shirt, If I’m feeling like a rock star, a leather jacket adds a cool factor. If I’m more subdued, a blazer with the sleeves rolled up. For shoes, the new staple are your cowboy boots. Those are amazing with everything.
How do you combine being a mother with your job?

This is a tough question for all working moms. I’m very lucky that I was on a successful TV show before I had children. In many ways, I’ve accomplished career goals that I thought would have taken many more years to achieve. So I don’t put pressure on myself to work just for workings sake. I would rather give up my Chanel obsession and be home with them (the kids, not the bags). I am always looking to be inspired though, and if I read tomorrow a script  that I really wanted to do, I know my husband and I would find a way to make it happen.

Do you want more kids?

I really do. I had no idea how much I would love it. I want 10. OK, maybe just one or two more.

What do you like to do if you have a day off just for YOU?

If I had a day just for me….. I would want to spend it with my family. But if I had an hour? Probably a manicure/pedicure while drinking a glass of champagne with a few fabulous girlfriends. Let’s go next week!

What is your favorite spot here in LA?

Lately it is Bronson Park. It’s a tiny park with trees all around it that makes me feel like I am back in Connecticut where I grew up. It’s quiet and still and makes me feel very peaceful.

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Dear Anine, love this post!

Once more I am amazed how style identifies and attracts people ….it shows kind of mutual way of life-thinking-acting etc…
I have to admit that I use to walk around in the same style like your clothing line shows…I also have a nice collection of Chanel bags! They can be so versatile depending how you combine them. Imagine: I have transformed my Chanel Cambon reporter bag into a baby bag!
Our similar style was also the reason I’ve followed you on Instagram and now here…
Besides this ”superficial” things, I admire you as a person, businesswoman and mother.
Keep the good things rollin’! 🙂

Kind regards,

I love the new interview feature! Reading your blog has become a bright spot in my day every day (and I have long loved your Instagram as well!). Like Becki, I am a mom of two and own a number of things from your line because your clothes and such make me feel stylish and easily put together when I don’t have much time to think about it. Thanks so much for continually providing inspiration and enjoyment!! X

Im lucky enough to be Becki’s sis in law. When she was first introduced to our family, I thought: how can someone be this beautiful, this chic and this cool so effortlessly? And the thing is, she’s even cooler now with 2 kids! I’m constantly inspired by her.

Love you Becks! Xo

What a fun post! Becki is my niece, and we cannot get enough of her! She has accomplished so much, and is so beautiful (inside and out), yet still remains “the girl next door.” Love you, Becki!!

She’s so gorgeous, sweet, and talented! Love her work and I’m positive that she is an amazing mom. Does anyone know the name of her daughter?

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