Birthday girl

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend. I did.. It was my birthday and I had such a beautiful day with the family.. A few of my friends also came by and spoiled me like crazy. I feel so lucky to get older each year and have my kids, husband and friends around me..

Here is a few snap shots from my day… I think Bianca changed outfit 4 times.. And Benjamin had the time of he’s life eating cookies and playing with the guests…


My day started with birthday song, cute gifts and yummy breakfast…


Bianca had made the most precious gift for me. I just love her little cute drawings..


This little boy brings me so much joy and love everyday. He is the funniest little person..


I got super duper spoiled..


Bianca was VERY excited about my birthday.


Another birthday outfit…


I got this beautiful art piece from Nicolai a week ago. An early birthday gift. Shot by my favorite photographer Terry O’Neill.


What a special day. Feel so lucky.

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