// ANINE BING bag – Matches from Lou & Friends –¬†BKR¬†water bottle – ANINE BING Milano sunglasses //

Something I always make sure to have on my desk is a lot of water. My favorite bottles are BKR, on a regular work day (8 hours) I make sure to drink at least 2 bottles of water and always some kind of healthy juice.. It keeps me hydrated and clear in my head. I never really drink coffee at the office. I have my one cup in the morning and that’s enough. But I do love to snack. I always have little treats. Chocolate, popcorn, some kind of bar or nuts.

This week I received all the October issues of my favorite magazines. I’ll make sure to make some time to just sit and look through them.. But I know from experience they will still be there unread by the end of the month. There is never enough time for everything..

Are you curios to see how Sofi’s desk is looking this week? Check it out here

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