Last night we celebrated the opening of my flagship store here in LA! I’ve worked so hard for this and to be able to share it with friends and people I admire was so special. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting me and for following me throughout the years – it really means the world to me  Anine Store_v102Anine Store_v045 Anine Store_v110 Anine Store_v116 Anine Store_v170 Anine Store_v200 Anine Store_v204 Anine Store_v219 Anine Store_v221 Anine Store_v224 Anine Store_v241 Anine Store_v249 Anine Store_v282 Anine Store_v571Anine Store_v287 Anine Store_v303 Anine Store_v376 Anine Store_v449 Anine Store_v476 Anine Store_v493 Anine Store_v533 Anine Store_v466Anine Store_v042



All photos by: Ulrika G

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