Busy week

Hi friends,

The last week has been super busy and I am sorry that I haven’t been updating that much here on the blog. I missed you guys and I am back now.

Its been a really exciting week for me. Really amazing things are happening, so I am super excited and thankful. We moved into a new beautiful house a few days ago so I’ve been unpacking boxes and organizing the house. I am super happy here and you will soon see some sneak peaks from pur new home.

Here is a few snapshots from my week.

Le pain

Our new house is just around the corner from my favorite place.. Le pain quotidien..


I love the trees on our new street..

Love Bianca

Bianca took the day off from school and spend it with me at my showroom..

Le pain 2

Breakfast with my amazing friends Jules..

Bianca love


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