My weekend

Hi sweeties,

I am so sorry you haven’t heard from me the whole weekend, but I’ve been crazy busy with LIFE.. Had a great weekend with my family.. AND it was my birthday Saturday witch was fun. I didn’t make any plans for the whole day, just took the day as it came witch was super great.

To make it up to you that I haven’t been blogging all weekend I will share all the photos I took with my iphone.. Enjoy!

Anine Bing bloggI loved my birthday table my little family made for me. So cute..

Kids ANINESWORLDMy everything.. Bianca wearing Davida sweater and leggings and t-shirt from here. Benjamin looks a little grumpy in he’s super cute hat and a sweater that makes him look like a little man…

Lunch AninesWorld

My 2 friends Becki and Samantha took me for birthday lunch today. I met these two amazing woman at a mom group I joined when I had Benjamin. I feel so lucky to have these new friends in my life. They are simple AWESOME!

B day AninesWorld

Cake pop, Chanel bag and red nails.. My favorite combo.. Relaxing birthday..

Anine Bing blog

A book I wanna recommend to all moms out there..calm mama happy baby. It works.. Look how happy AND calm Benajmin looks. Haha

Anines World blog

I lost so much hair breastfeeding.. Hope these vitamins from Imedeen will help grow some of it back..

The beautiful vase is one I bought at the flea market here in LA. The candle holders are from Svenskttenn. And Benjamins chair from Stokke.


I can’t get enough of BENJAMIN and my ARMY jacket..


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Belated ”Happy Birthday” wishes: to live a happy life blessed with your loving family, be always healthy, strong & successful !

PS: I have the EXACT same vase! My mother bought it in the 80’s from a bus tour shopping trip (veeeery ”in” by that time) from the Czechoslovakia while we were living in Germany… 🙂

How can your english be so terrible?!?
You live in the US. Please learn to write in proper english.

I guess because English is my third language. Maybe you should find another blog to read if you don’t understand what I am writing about.. Have a wonderful week. LOVE Anine

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