My week


This week has been all about the kids. I do work a lot, but as soon as I don’t work I spend my time with these 2.. There is no better feeling in life than being a mother. This week I picked up Bianca early from preschool everyday and we all went to the park. The weather has been amazing so we all loved the park..

Anines WORLD

Me and Benjamin goes to a music class twice a week. He loves it so much. And so do I…

AninesWorldphoto 6


Beach day with the family..  I am wearing ANINE BING T-shirt, belt,  jeans, boots and sunglasses



Benjamin is wearing: Hat Little Jalo  T-shirt Vintage|Pants Gardner And The Gang



Saturday night we went to an amazing birthday party. My friend Cecilias turned 35.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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