anine bing kids

Saturday mornings in our house always starts with a yummy breakfast. Bianca call it hotel breakfast. We boil eggs, make toast and drink orange juice and eat berries and sometimes also make smoothies. Saturday is so cosy just hanging out at home doing nothing. The kids wear their favorite robes, I wear sweatpants all morning, drink coffee and just enjoy a few hours of just being together.. Most Saturdays there is a kids birthday party to attend. It’s fun for the kids to see their friends and for me to chat with the parents who have become my friends too..
As you can see in these pictures Bianca is the one who LOVES to be in the spotlight. Benjamin is not a big fan of the camera.. He is the mellow one who appreciate his own space, just like his dad. Poor boy, cause I LOVE taking pictures and perhaps I do it a little too much..

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