I just found this photo of my baby brother Asbjorn and I, the year must have been 1986… Haha look at our interesting outfits and our orange car.. Those where the days…



// ANINE BING long layering necklace – ANINE BING heart pendant necklace – ANINE BING milano sunglasses – ANINE BING blazer in fishbone pattern – ANINE BING cashmere v-neck knit – ANINE BING high waisted button up jeans – ANINE BING charlie boots with gold studs  //



I don’t know what I’ve done in life to deserve this amazing journey I am on. I feel so lucky everyday walking into my office, working with the most awesome team. We are all having so many creative great ideas and I must say my job just gets better each day. To be able to create what ever pops into my mind feels magical each time. I still get so excited when a box of samples arrive and we do the fitting.
What ever your dream job is, go chase your dream. It’s so worth it waking up in the mornings and being happy about going to work.. and yes, of curse, we all have off days. That is totally normal and part of life. But as long as the good days are better than the bad I feel like it’s worth it.


We headed out to the streets of downtown LA for our January campaign shoot. It’s always a bit more chaotic out of the studio, doing outfit changes on the go, fixing hair and makeup, getting the right shot all before the sun goes down. Not to mention all the craziness from the cars and people passing by, but we managed to get some absolutely amazing shots thanks to our wonderful photographer, model and everyone that helped out on set.