Since neither of my kids are loving veggies I make sure they at least eat a lot of fruit and berries. We always have fresh berries and fruits at home. It gives them some good energy and vitamins… How do you get your kids to eat veggies? Broccoli works sometimes and raw carrots… But nothing else.. Please share your kid food tips with me…

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My kids like veggies but especially they love them with sauce. No matter if it is melted butter, gravy, a rich creamy sauce or just some kind of dip. What they also like is to eat cherry tomatoes with toothsticks…it is just more fun that way or a cucumber sliced in “fries” with some dip. Maybe that will work?!

I like to roast sweet potato wedges (425 degrees for 20 min – flip 1/2 way), add olive oil (dried rosemary and sweet paprika if they’ll be ok with that) and kosher salt. I cut them to look like fries and give the kids ketchup to dip them in. I will also roast brussel sprouts and before I put them in front of the kids, I add parm cheese and a drizzle of balsamic glaze. They like the cheese and the sweetness of the glaze. The glaze is store bought.
Finally, I’ll sneak in spinach or beets in a citrus smoothie.
It is hard though….kids can be very picky!

Hi Anine, I think the “weenourish” instagram/blog is so great for this. It’s a cool mom/dietician from Victoria, BC (Canada) with lots of fun ideas and really easy recipes (I love her tips, and I don’t typically cook or bake much). She also has two very cute little boys!

Hola Anine,yo les meto la verdura en casi todos los platos , pero las bato para que no me protesten. Si les hago arroz ,sofrío tomate y cebolla lo bato y lo echo sobre el arroz ,si hago legumbres las cocino con zanahorias, puerro repollo.. . .y luego lo bato todo menos las legumbres y lo uno, asi todo.Las únicas verduras que toman sabiéndolo son judias verdes con tomate, lechuga y espinacas con jamón..poco a poco.Un abrazo y felicidades por tu familia y tu gran negocio.

Mitt bästa tips är att stoppa grönsakerna i maten, gör tomatsåser eller i köttfärssås tex 🙂

roasted potatoes with avocado aoli, roasted broccoli with grated parmesan cheese, and straight up avocado with S&P on the side of everything. 🙂

You can always make a smoothie with them! Add carrots and strawberries and mango to coconut water or add spinach to blueberries, raspberries, almond butter and coconut water or Greek yogurt base ! I also make acai berry bowls and add spinach for my peanuts. I let my kids help me prepare foods a lot and that seems to help with them eating foods ! Dayna codispoti, MS RD LD

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